May 2018: Requirements Tree: connecting your Strategy to User Stories (Mario Moreira)

Speaker: Mario Moreira
Date: Tuesday – May 15, 2018
Agenda: 6:00-6:45 Networking, FREE PIZZA and Roundtables
6:45-7:00 Opening Announcements
7:00-8:20 Featured Presentation
8:20-8:30 Closing Announcements
Who’s Invited: Everyone (industry, government, academia)
Location: The MITRE Corporation
Building S
202 Burlington Rd. (Rt. 62)
Bedford, MA 01730
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Important additional information for foreign nationals: If you are a foreign national planning to attend this Boston SPIN meeting, please email Ken Palmer,, or Roy Lane,, at least 10 days before the meeting (MITRE security rule). Bring both a picture ID and your visa/”Green Card” information to present to the MITRE Security Department in the lobby.

Featured Presentation: Requirements Tree: connecting your Strategy to User Stories

Requirement is a nebulous term.  It can mean something large like a corporate strategy or tiny like a task. People often throw around the word “requirement” without a sense of the type of requirement it is or the level it belongs.  Does it mean user story, a business requirement, a technical requirement, a strategy, an idea, or a task?  It can lead to confusing conversations. And are you sure your work is connecting to a high value idea or company strategy?  Surprisingly not many do.  

How do you get aligned and better connected to value and strategy, and avoid confusing conversations?  Allow me to introduce an innovative concept known as the Requirements Tree.   It represents the relative hierarchy amongst various requirements types within your enterprise. This concept helps you understand the relationships of requirements elements from the largest requirement (corporate strategy) to the smallest requirement (task); helps everyone understand what level of requirement is being discussed; and helps you understand if you are missing a requirements level.

You can learn more about the Requirements Tree and how it can help you by attending this interactive and engaging session.

About the Speaker

Mario Moreira
Mario E. Moreira is an Enterprise Agile consultant and Master Agile Coach at who leads Agile initiatives at Fidelity Investments, CA, Walmart, and Vistaprint.  Mario focuses on company success by increasing value of products, optimizing flow for faster delivery, and increasing quality through customer feedback. He coaches and educates executives, management, and distributed teams.

Mario specializes in transforming enterprises to Agile and introducing cutting edge Agile concepts and practices such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean Canvas, VFQ, Story Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Psychological Safety, Self-organizing teams, and much more.  He energizes companies looking to innovate and experiment with new ideas to better serve their customer.

Mario is the author of several Agile books including The Agile Enterprise: Building and Running Agile Organizations, Being Agile: Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption of Agile, and Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams.  He writes regularly on his blog at Agile Adoption Roadmap.