January 2019: Open Source, Open Organizations — The Change Starts Here (Alexis Monville)

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Speaker: Boston SPIN members!
Date: Monday, January 14, 2019
Agenda: 6:00-6:45 Networking
6:45-7:00 Opening Announcements
7:00-8:20 Presentation
8:20-8:30 Closing Announcements
Who’s Invited: Everyone (industry, government, academia)
Location: !!! This Month’s Location !!!
Microsoft New England Research and Development Center
1 Memorial Drive / Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA
Location details: You will need to present a government-issued picture ID in the lobby.
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Featured Presentation:  Open Source, Open Organizations — The Change Starts Here

Presenter: Alexis Monville, Red Hat, Engineering Leadership Team

Do you feel your organization, your team, and yourself are focusing on the right things? Or are you overwhelmed by the thousands of tasks that you need to do? What do you need to get your organization, your team, and yourself to continuously improve to get to the point of doing things right?

Alexis Monville of Red Hat will show how going open is the best way to support your organization’s transformation. Going open is applying the principles of the open organization. Open is the antidote of the lack of focus and the lack of continuous learning that is ailing organizations today.

What are the differences between a centralized organization and an open organization? Learning about these differences can help you advance your objectives in your digital transformation.

The open source development model is the root of the Open Organization. The diversity the open source model brings is an endless source of inspiration to transform your organization–and this is what this session will present.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Notable differences between conventional organizational structures and open organizational structures
  • How to apply an open organization model to your team in the context of your digital transformation
  • Ways to get inspired to transform your organization
  • How to set priorities and focus on doing the right things.

About the Speaker:

A member of the Engineering Leadership Team at Red Hat, Alexis Monville is focused on building high impact sustainable organizations. Alexis brings more than 20 years of operations and management experience. Over the years, Alexis worked in diverse sectors, from the automotive industry, the epic Web start, IT consulting, public sector, software development, which led him to found a management and organization consulting and coaching firm. Alexis joined Red Hat in 2014 with the eNovance acquisition, where he was Chief Agility Officer, tasked to create and nurture an agile and collaborative culture to introduce the use multi-cloud services. Alexis is an active speaker and a thought leader in the fields of management and agile transformation, participating in industry events such as OpenStack Summit, Open World Forum, Agile Lean Europe.

Alexis is the author of Changing Your Team From The Inside, a book published in 2018.

Meeting Location:

We’ll be meeting on Monday, January 14 at Microsoft in Kendall Square in Cambridge. There’s limited parking on Memorial Drive and other nearby streets. Parking at Alewife or other MBTA parking lot and using the T is recommended.