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Topic for October:
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Topic: Effective Metrics for Pragmatic Project Managers
Speaker: Johanna Rothman


Puzzled about what's really happening with your project? Perplexed about whether the project will finish successfully? Perturbed about what and how to communicate what's happening to your team, your sponsors, your management? Want to predict the end of the project?

Sometimes, it appears that our projects are black holes, refusing to show us what's happening. There are some key measurements that will you discover your project's state. Once you know where your project is, you can choose how to steer the project to success.

In this presentation, we'll discuss what to measure and how those metrics can help you manage your project. Learn how to gather data in a way that will encourage your technical staff to help you measure and reduce the tendency to "fudge" the data. Finally, we'll discuss how to assess true project progress by measuring schedule, work completion, and how well the project staff is managing defects.

Learn how to use effective measurements to assess a project, communicate its status, and steer it to success.

About the Speaker

Johanna Rothman consults on managing high technology product development. She helps managers, teams, and organizations become more effective by focusing on project management, risk management and people management. Johanna uses pragmatic techniques to help her clients apply effective practices that create successful teams and projects.

A frequent speaker and author on managing high technology product development, Johanna has written numerous articles and is now a columnist for Software Development, Computerworld.com, and StickyMinds.com. Johanna publishes Reflections, an acclaimed quarterly newsletter about managing product development.

Johanna is a member of the clinical faculty of The Gordon Institute at Tufts University, a practical management degree program for engineers, and served as the Program Chair for the Software Management Conference for two years.

Johanna's book, Hiring Technical People will be available in November 2003.

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