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Topic for May:
Date: May 17, 2005
Topic: Building Accurate Schedules from Software Requirements
Speaker: Steve Rakitin


Many software companies lack the skills necessary to:

  • write clear and unambiguous requirements,
  • develop accurate estimates of the work required based on requirements,
  • combine those estimates into a realistic project schedule, and to then meet the schedule

Software companies frequently commit to more than can be realistically delivered in the promised timeframe. As a result, customers are frustrated by promises made that are not kept. Employees are also frustrated by having to work on projects with poorly written requirements and unrealistic schedules imposed by others.

By learning to apply best practices in the areas of Requirements Writing, Estimating, and Scheduling, organizations can significantly improve their ability to develop unambiguous requirements, accurate estimates and schedules that can actually be met.

About the Speaker

Steve has over 30 years experience as a software engineer and software quality manager.

He frequently speaks on topics related to software development and software quality at conferences worldwide.

He's published several papers on the subject of software quality and a written a book titled Software Verification & Validation for Practitioners and Managers.

As President of Software Quality Consulting, Inc., he works with clients who are interested in improving the predictability of their development processes and the quality of their products.

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