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The Unified Process (UP) framework, and in particular the Rational Unified Process (RUP), was publicly release in 1998. Since then the UP has evolved in several directions, new players have entered the field, and the UP has been adopted by thousands of organizations world wide. This presentation explores the history of the UP, the current state of the UP, and discusses the potential future directions of the UP. We'll discuss the relationship between the RUP and IBM's Rational Method Composer (RMC), IBM Rational's current offerings. We'll explore the Basic Unified Process (BUP) and the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF), two open source offerings. Finally, we'll look at the Agile Unified Process (AUP), an agile tailoring of the UP and the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP), an extension to the RUP which addresses cross system issues such as enterprise architecture, software reuse, and operations.

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About the Speakers

Scott W. Ambler is Practice Leader Agile Development with IBM's Methods Group. He is original developer of the Agile Modeling (AM), Agile Data (AD), Agile Unified Process (AUP), and Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) methodologies. Scott is the (co-)author of several books, including Refactoring Databases (Prentice Hall), Agile Modeling (John Wiley & Sons), Agile Database Techniques (John Wiley & Sons), The Object Primer 3rd Edition (Cambridge University Press), and The Enterprise Unified Process (Prentice Hall). Scott is a contributing editor with Software Development magazine. His personal home page is

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