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Topic for October meeting:
Date: October 17, 2006
Topic: An Experimental Paradigm for Software Development
Speaker: John Hotchkiss


Ever since Knuth published the "Art of Computer Programming" we have worked to make a science, or at least a predictable engineering discipline, out of the "art" of programming. This talk explores the application of lessons learned from biology and drug discovery to the development of a "scientific" understanding of the software development process. This presentation is will explore what we do and do not know about how our software is used, how it runs, and how we create it, and propose experimental methods for increasing understanding of our software systems.

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About the Speaker

John Hotchkiss is an executive with over 15 years experience building and managing technical organizations in software, Internet, and Life Sciences businesses. Most recently Hotchkiss served as the VP of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer of Perceptive Informatics, the technology subsidiary of PAREXEL, a global biopharmaceutical services company. Prior to Perceptive, Hotchkiss held executive positions in the biotech startups AnVil Informatics and EnVivo Pharmaceuticals. From 1999 to 2001 Hotchkiss served as the VP of Engineering for the Lycos network, overseeing technology development and quality assurance for the fourth most visiting network of Internet sites in the world. He has also held engineering and management roles in Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group, and at Symbolics, the MIT AI Lab spin-off. Hotchkiss holds a BA from Harvard University.

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