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Topic for January joint SPIN/ASQ meeting:
Date: February 21, 2007

Please note that this meeting is being held on the third Wednesday of the month instead of the usual third Tuesday
and not at the regular Boston SPIN meeting location.

Please go to the ASQ web site for complete information

Topic: Tales of Whoa and the Psychology of Customer Satisfaction
Speaker: Naomi Karten


What is it customers really want?

Obviously, they want software that meets their specs and is delivered on time and within budget. But "just" doing that is no guarantee you'll have happy customers. That's because how customers perceive they've been treated affects whether their satisfaction level is at the top of the chart - or slithering towards the bottom.

Happily, the smallest measures - those that cost little or nothing in time and dollars - can have a huge positive impact.

In this presentation, Naomi will offer insight into the customer perspective, drawn from her psychology and IT background, research, customer feedback, and extensive experience with numerous organizations.

The principles, tools and recommendations she presents will help you achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

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About the Speaker

As a highly experienced consultant with a psychology, technical and management background, Naomi Karten ( helps organizations improve customer satisfaction, manage change, and strengthen teamwork.

Naomi has delivered seminars and presentations to more than 100,000 people internationally.

She has published numerous books, including Communication Gaps and How to Close Them and Managing Expectations: Working with People Who Want More, Better, Faster, Sooner, NOW!

These books provide proven strategies for carrying out projects, implementing change, delivering superior service - and preventing the everyday miscommunications that drive us crazy.

Readers have described her newsletter, Perceptions & Realities, as a breath of fresh air.

In both her writing and speaking, Naomi is known for presenting serious material with a light touch.

Contact her at

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