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Date: April 17, 2007
Topic: The Internet's Second Wave: Web 2.0
Speaker: Ed Yourdon


Web 2.0 is a "strategic" issue: it requires senior corporate executives - including the CIO, senior IT managers, and managers of business units - to rethink basic assumptions about their business, their customers, their suppliers, their work-force, their revenue models, and the day-to-day processes by which they carry out their business.

As these strategic issues are discussed and debated in the coming years, we may possibly see some of the same exaggeration and "hype" that occurred during the early years of Web 1.0; but when the dust settles ten years from now, we will certainly see some new "winners" who have achieved the same kind of success that Amazon and Yahoo did back in 1995.

About the Speaker

Ed Yourdon is the author of 27 computer books, and a 40-year veteran of the software engineering field - beginning with his first job as a programmer at DEC in 1964, writing the Fortran math library for the PDP-5

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